soft media

Body Rug: Receiving Blanket Scent, 2018



House Hands: Precious Hopes, Yarn, Wood, Textile, House Paint, 2018
House Hands Interior, Receiving Blankets, Egg Talismans



Wearable Pin Cushion, Textile, Pins, Jewellery Clasp, 2017



Sanitize, J-Cloths, Jewellery Clasp, 2017



Moth Balls (Hand Weights), Fibre Media, 2016



Gall Bodies (For Head and Hands), Textile Media, 2016



I Am A Woolly Aphid (Headpiece), Deconstructed Pillow, Crochet Tablecloth, Curtain, Wax, 2015



We’re Here To Help: The Eleven Numbered Treaties, Textile, Embroidery, Found Cedar, 2016

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